Legislative Session

ACOA works closely with all Legislators to promote Correctional Officer Issues. As many of you may know, besides voting on the monetary terms of our Contract, the Alaska Legislature has oversight of the Department through the House and Senate Finance Corrections Sub-Committees. These sub-committees oversee the budget, suggest intent language, and hold DOC management accountable.

As an example of how important it is to keep up good relations with Legislators, in 2010 the Arbitrator’s award of wages and benefits to Officers for the 2009-2012 contract was voided by the administration. The Department then attempted to influence Legislators to not fund the increase. ACOA worked hard to make sure that Legislators knew the truth about the Arbitrator’s award so that proper funding would be allocated.

Often times we ask Officers to travel to Juneau to speak to Legislators on a range of issues. If you would like to be one of those Officers, please let us know.