Pay Clarifications

Question:  If I work overtime and take leave during my workweek, can I flex my overtime so that I do not have to use my leave?

Answer: Yes, but it has to be specifically denoted on your time sheet.

Example Scenario:  An 84-hour Officer takes, in this example, 4 hours of leave on one of his/her work days, thereby resulting in an 8 hour day. In the same workweek, that same Officer works a 16 hour day. At the end of the week, he has worked a total of 84 hours that includes 4 hours of leave taken.

Option: In such a situation, Officers may flex their workweek thereby instead of using leave to cover the missed hours of work; the extra hours on the subsequent day can be applied to the 84 hour workweek. That way instead of paying an Officer 84 hours straight time and taking 4 hours of leave, the State would simply pay the Officer 84 hours of straight time and then, because the Officer worked a full workweek, not take the 4 hours of leave.

Remember: The State will not pay overtime in the above scenario. Per Article 13.2 D of the Contract, only after Officers have worked 84 hours in the work period will overtime be paid for all additional hours. Even if an Officer works an extra four hours one day, but misses four hours earlier that week, they will not be paid over time until they work over the 84 hour threshold.

Caution:  If an Officer wants to exercise this flex option it is the Officer’s responsibility to annotate their timesheet to indicate that he/she wishes to flex the workweek. The State is not going to assume and automatically flex the workweek.

Example Timesheet for a Flexed Workweek


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