Officer Benefits

*If you know of more deals for Correctional Officers in Alaska please contact us with the details so that we can add them to the site.


Military 1 Year Term Life Insurance Policy Offer

Honoring ACOA’s Officers sent overseas on military duty.

If participating in this offer, please notify the ACOA office right away, as it requires some paperwork and your signature.

Free $3000 Insurance Policy

Alaska Unions have signed up for a special offer from a union-oriented insurance company, American Income Life.  In exchange for Unions sending out a letter for them, each member gets an automatic $3000 Accidental Death and Dismemberment policy at no charge.  They do have other good discounts because the company is tied into unions nationwide.  Remember, you do not have to do or buy anything in order to receive the benefits described above.

Patriot Tactical

PatriotTacFlyer_2012We just recently opened a store in the Muldoon area of Anchorage to support the troops in their tactical gear needs. We are primarily a military tactical gear store providing quality equipment for soldiers deploying overseas. We have 2 other locations on military bases (Camp Atterbury, IN & Fort Polk, LA) which thrive in a military rich environment. Realizing this, we decided to launch our Alaska branch to include the civilian & Law Enforcement communities as well. During a training rotation last August at our Fort Polk location, a unit from right here at JBER was preparing for deployment to Afghanistan in December. They were extremely excited seeing our store with the new Blackhawk! gear and kept reiterating how they would love to have a military tactical gear store in Anchorage. After some careful consideration, the CEO of the company decided to open a store on Muldoon Road to help honor the soldiers’ requests and support the troops in Alaska. Our purpose is and always has been to put our customers and their needs first. Since being in our new location we have heard wonderful feedback from the Law Enforcement community as well and would like to continue reaching out as much as possible. Any help you can provide in this area would be most welcome.

(Map to Store)

We do offer a 10% discount to Law Enforcement. Also, if we do not have a certain item in stock I do special order not only from Blackhawk!, but multiple other companies as well depending on the customers’ needs. If I already have a shipment in, the customer will not be charged shipping based on the item and how soon they need the product.