New Officer Information

President’s Letter

Welcome New Officers,

I’m Randy McLellan. I’m a Sergeant at the Hiland Mountain Correctional Facility and am privileged to serve as the current president of the Alaska Correctional Officers Association (ACOA). I would like to welcome you into the Correctional Officer profession; it is a profession like no other.

As a Correctional Officer, you will walk one of the toughest beats in law enforcement. Today’s Correctional Officers are hard-working professionals who put their lives on the line 24/7 protecting the public. You met high standards to be hired and you will continue to meet high standards throughout your career. We honor a stringent code of conduct and are held to demanding standards of conduct. We are proud to be Correctional Officers. Long gone are the “knuckle dragging” days of the “guard” mentality.

In 2004, Correctional Officers formed their own union and we have been in control of our own destiny ever since. Correctional officers have been very successful since going out on our own. We have become one of the most respected and influential associations in the State. We have one of the best contracts in the State and provide top representation when needed. Past performance is no guarantee of future success, but with your support and participation nothing should change. You are starting a career and joining an organization you can be proud of!

Again, we are glad you are joining us as a Correctional Officer and I welcome you! Don’t be afraid to ask questions of your fellow Officers; we all started as you are starting. We encourage you to get involved in ACOA. Feel free to contact the office at anytime; someone is usually there from four in the morning until late at night. Welcome to the toughest beat.

Welcome aboard!

Randy McLellan
President, ACOA


ACOA New Officer Paperwork

As a new Correctional Officer in Alaska, please complete the “New Member Paperwork” forms below and return them to the ACOA office to become an ACOA Member.  You may give them to your facility Board Member or you may mail, email, or fax them to us directly.  An up-to-date email and phone number can be found at the bottom of this page.

New Member Paperwork

State of Alaska

Link to State New Employee Orientation Site


Professional Correctional Organizations

You might also be interested in the following professional organizations that assist Alaska Officers. (membership is not required)

American Correctional Officer Intelligence Network
Correctional Peace Officers Foundation (CPOF)
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