ACOA Commemorative Coins

Correctional Officers courageously protect and serve the public by walking Alaska’s toughest beat. Every day and night, including holidays, Correctional Officers are surrounded by some of the worst individuals that society produces, yet Officers selflessly and vigilantly stand strong in the face of danger to keep Alaska’s citizens safe. The rigors of the job are both challenging and demanding, requiring individuals of strong character, even temperament, and sound judgment. Correctional Officers do this dangerous and essential job on the public’s behalf, but they receive little, to no, recognition for their sacrifice. We are endeavoring to change that.

ACOA Commemorative Coins recognize Officers for the years they served as an Alaska Correctional Officer. They honor Officers’ service and show gratitude to those ACOA Members who walk Alaska’s toughest beat.


All ACOA Members in good standing who have worked as a Correctional Officer for the Alaska Department of Corrections for a minimum of 5 years are eligible to receive the coins they have earned for free. Currently, there are no DOC-employed Correctional Officers who are not in good standing. We are the only union in Alaska with this honor (and maybe in the country) and it says volumes about the unity of Alaska’s Correctional Officers.

Earning ACOA Commemorative Coins

Alaska Correctional Officers earn the ACOA Commemorative Coins by simply being members in good standing of the Alaska Correctional Officers Association and for having served as an Correctional Officer with the AK DOC for 5, 10, 15, 20, and 25 years. For every five years that an eligible Correctional Officer walks Alaska’s toughest beat, the Officer will receive an ACOA Commemorative Coin of increasing value.

  • 5 years – Pure Copper, 1 Ounce Coin (Image – Wolves Under Northern Lights)
  • 10 years – Pure Bronze, 1 Ounce Coin (Image – Bull Moose)
  • 15 years – Pure Silver, 1 Ounce Coin (Image – Grizzly Bear)
  • 20 years – Pure Silver with Pure Gold Inlay, 1 Ounce Coin (Image – Bald Eagle with Alaska Flag)
  • 25 years – Pure Silver with Pure Gold Inlay, 2 Ounce Coin (Image – Bald Eagle over State of Alaska)
  • 30 years – Pure Silver with More Pure Gold Inlay, 2 Ounce Coin (Image – Hawk Flying Free over Mountains)

ACOA Commemorative Coin Program Commencement Date

The Association will start distributing ACOA Commemorative Coins this year, 2018, when we come to each institution for the ACOA BBQs. All current, eligible Alaska Correctional Officers who have worked for at least five years will receive an ACOA Commemorative Coin. Officers will then receive their subsequent Commemorative Coin when they reach each five-year milestone.

Example: If you have seven years as an ACOA Member, you will receive the five-year ACOA Commemorative Coin. Then, in 3 years, you will receive the 10-year ACOA Commemorative Coin.


Unfortunately, we cannot give everyone who has ever worked in the DOC as a Correctional Officer free ACOA Commemorative Coins, but we do have a discounted rate if you would like to purchase the coins. Thousands of people have worked for the DOC as Correctional Officers and it would simply be too expensive. Because of this, we had to set a cut-off date. We announced the ACOA Commemorative Coins program at our Annual Meeting on February 4, 2018, so this is the cut-off date. If you retired before February 4, 2018 give us a call at the office for special discounted pricing.

ACOA Commemorative Coins are to recognize Correctional Officers and promote the profession and are only provided free of charge to current ACOA Members. Retirees or anyone who worked a minimum of 5 years as a Correctional Officer in Alaska may purchase one of each coin at a greatly discounted rate. Otherwise, individuals may purchase the coins at full price.

Retiree / 5 Year Officer Pricing

5 years – $10/coin
10 years – $20/coin
15 years – $60/ coin
20 years – $90/coin
25 years – $250/coin
30 years – $500/coin

Full Price List

5 years – $35/coin
10 years – $45/coin
15 years – $115/coin
20 years – $175/coin
25 years – $525/coin
30 years – $1050/coin

* There will be a $6.95 shipping fee if we need to mail the coins.

** Retirees and 5-year Officers can only buy one set at the reduced price.

*** Prices are subject to change at any time.

ACOA Commemorative Coins are not being paid for with dues dollars. Fundraisers, such as the Twelve Gun Giveaway, have given ACOA the ability to start and pay for important recognition programs such as these ACOA Commemorative Coins. Thank you to all of those who got involved and sold and bought raffle tickets! You are the ones who have made this recognition program a reality.