Important Legislation

We will continue to update this page as we receive news on current legislation that affects Correctional Officers. Please check back during the 2015 Legislative session for updates.

HB 235 – North Star Medal

Link   Title "An Act creating the North Star Medal."   Primary Sponsor Representative Kreiss-Tomkins   Sponsor Statement HB 235 creates a rare and high honor to be awarded by the State of Alaska to first responders who are injured or [...]

SB 91 – Criminal Law/Procedure; Driv Lic; Pub Aid

Link Title "An Act relating to protective orders; relating to conditions of release; relating to community work service; relating to credit toward a sentence of imprisonment for certain persons under electronic monitoring; relating to the restoration under certain circumstances of an [...]

HB 211 – RIP For Public Employees/Teachers

Link Title "An Act relating to retirement incentives for members of the defined benefit plan of the Teachers' Retirement System of Alaska and the defined benefit plan of the Public Employees' Retirement System of Alaska; and providing for an effective date." [...]

HB 90 – Peace Officer / Firefighter Retirement

Link Title "An Act relating to the Protective Occupation Retirement Council; relating to participation of certain employees in the defined benefit and defined contribution plans of the public employees' retirement system; and providing for an effective date." Primary Sponsor Representative Millett Summary [...]

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