Recruitment Leave Incentive

As per the Article 20.8 of the ACOA Contract members can receive a personal leave credit of up to 40 hours when he/she recruits a new Officer.

Recruitment Incentive Leave Language

Any member that recruits a candidate that successfully completes the Academy shall have twenty (20) hours of personal leave credited to their leave account. If this same candidate successfully completes their probationary period, the member shall have an additional twenty (20) hours of personal leave credited to their leave account.”

In order to be eligible for the recruitment incentive leave, the member must adhere to the Department policy on recruitment.

Updated November 2015: Officers no longer need to submit a memo to the Recruitment Incentive Leave Review Board to receive the leave for recruiting a new Officer.  This process has been assigned to Human Resources and has been streamlined.

Commencing now, when a new Officer has completed the Academy, Public Protection will review that Officer’s initial job application. The ACOA member who is named on the application will receive the recruitment incentive leave automatically. Members will be notified via e-mail when Human Resources has submitted this to payroll for processing

Incentive Leave will not be granted unless the referral is documented in the supplemental questions in the Workplace Alaska Application.