Who Are My Legislators?

To find your personal Legislator, use the link below (from the Alaska Division of Elections website)

Find Your Legislator

Below you will find your institution’s Legislators and the DOC Finance Sub-Committee members. Legislators will listen to your concerns if you live in their District, but the Legislators that have a prison in their District or are on the Finance Sub-Committee dealing with Corrections also need to be informed on the issues within Corrections and the concerns of Correctional Officers statewide. Click here to see our Tips for Effective Contact Page.


This is a reminder that if you are going to write an email to your Representative and Senator, you should not send it using the State’s e-mail system either from work or from home. Using the State’s system to communicate with a Legislator on this issue could violate State policies and result in discipline.


Your Institution’s Legislator…

Facility District Representative Senator
Anchorage 20J Les Gara Tom Begich
Anvil Mountain 39T Neal Foster Donald Olson
Fairbanks 1A Scott Kawasaki Pete Kelly
Hiland Mountain 14G Lora Reinbold Anna MacKinnon
Ketchikan 36R Dan Ortiz Bert Stedman
Lemon Creek 33Q Sam Kito Dennis Egan
Mat-Su Pre-trial 11F Delena Johnson Shelley Hughes
Palmer 9E George Rauscher Mike Dunleavy
Goose Creek 8D Mark Neuman David Wilson
Spring Creek 29O Mike Chenault Peter Micciche
Wildwood 29O Mike Chenault Peter Micciche
Yukon-Kuskokwim 38S Zach Fansler Lyman Hoffman


Finance Sub-Committees on Corrections

Feel free to contact any of these Legislators at anytime regardless if you are a constituent of not.  These are the people that deal with the DOC throughout the Legislative Session.


Senate Finance Sub-Committee on Corrections Session Interim
Sen. Anna MacKinnon
Senator.Anna.MacKinnon@akleg.gov 465-3777 694-8944
Sen. John Coghill Senator.John.Coghill@akleg.gov 465-3719 451-2157
Sen. Tom Begich Senator.Tom.Begich@akleg.gov 465-3704 269-0169