Correctional Peace Officer Foundation

The Correctional Peace Officers is a national charity founded in 1984 for those that work in the Correctional Profession. In the beginning we had two goals 1) to be there for in-line-of-duty deaths and 2) to enhance our image not only in the eyes of the public but in our Correctional eyes as well. We are professionals! The CPO Foundation also has an extensive Catastrophy Assistance Program. When anOfficer or immediate family member at your facility, or an employee of the Department of Corrections is in a Catastrophic situation, please call or email us immediately. YOU are our eyes and ears. Catastrophic is defined as a medical emergency including by not limited to cancer, surgery, leukemia, and other physical ailments; it can alaso be defined as a house fire, flood, or other natural disaster.

Our Supporting Members are the backbone of the Correctional Peace Officers (CPO) Foundation. Thanks to their regular monthly donations, the CPO Foundation’s “Survivor Fund” is sustained and continually strengthened. Additionally, or “Catastrophic Assistance Fund” benefits, so that we are able to help more and more Correctional Officers and their families every year in times of emergencies, personal crisis or other great needs.

Now, YOU can become a Supporting Member of the CFO Foundation, the only national, non-profit charity for Correctional Officers through the simple and convenient method of automatic bankdraft withdrawal of the amount you choose to donate every month.

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