Annual Physical Reimbursement

You “Walk the Toughest Beat in Alaska”. You also walk one of the most infectious beats in Alaska. We urge all Correctional Officers to get a physical once a year that includes screening for the risks addressed in Article 24.2 of our contract. Correctional Officers who have been with the Department one or more years may seek reimbursement for up to $200 once a year to cover their out of pocket expenses. The State’s instructions to DOC Administrative personnel and the form to submit are linked below.

In addition to once a year screening, we urge Correctional Officers that suffer a specific on-the-job exposure to follow the procedures enumerated in DOC P&P 202.03; to immediately see a physician; to file a Workers’ Compensation “Report of Occupational Injury or Illness”, as well as a precautionary “Request for Injury Leave”.