“An Act relating to protective orders; relating to conditions of release; relating to community work service; relating to credit toward a sentence of imprisonment for certain persons under electronic monitoring; relating to the restoration under certain circumstances of an administratively revoked driver’s license, privilege to drive, or privilege to obtain a license; allowing a reduction of penalties for offenders successfully completing court-ordered treatment programs for persons convicted of driving under the influence; relating to termination of a revocation of a driver’s license; relating to restoration of a driver’s license; relating to credits toward a sentence of imprisonment, to good time deductions, and to providing for earned good time deductions for prisoners; relating to the disqualification of persons convicted of certain felony drug offenses from participation in the food stamp and temporary assistance programs; relating to probation; relating to mitigating factors; relating to treatment programs for prisoners; relating to the duties of the commissioner of corrections; amending Rules 32 and 35(b), Alaska Rules of Criminal Procedure; and providing for an effective date.”

Primary Sponsor

Senator Coghill

Sponsor Statement

“Senate Bill 91 aims to use Alaska’s limited criminal justice dollars in the most prudent way possible, using cost-effective, evidence based reforms. To accomplish that, the corrections system should emphasize public safety, personal responsibility, work, restitution, and treatment.

SB91 users a number of reforms to address the Department of Corrections’ biggest cost drivers: an increased length of prison sentences, non-violent offenders, probation violators, and pre-trial offenders. This can be accomplished by expanding electronic monitoring, reforming probation, and providing incentives for individuals to be productive law-abiding citizens.

SB91 is an effort to be tough on crime and criminal justice spending while holding offenders accountable and giving them a shot at redemption, restitution, personal responsibility, and productivity – a vital step towards achieving a cost-effective system that protects citizens, restores victims, and reforms wrongdoers.”