We are currently preparing for the 2016 Legislative Session. With the State billions of dollars in the hole we will need all the support we can get in Juneau. Our primary concerns are stopping cuts to CO ranks and ensuring that no institutions are closed under the misguided belief that there is a savings associated with moving inmates outside to private prisons. There are many other policy decisions currently being vetted that will directly affect Officers and their families as well. In the past, with issues such as the voiding of the Contract, the 8’s, and many others, Officers have always been there fighting the battles.

In order to increase Correctional Officer influence in the Legislature we are creating a team of Officer volunteers willing to pass factual information to their Legislators on issues important to Correctional Officers. We are hoping to find at least one or two volunteers in each of the Legislative districts who are willing to be a conduit through which Correctional Officers can distribute information, answer questions, and seek Legislative support. This direct Legislator/Constituent contact will add another important dimension to the work already being done to educate Legislators.

If you already have a relationship with your Legislators, or are willing to develop one, and are willing to step up into this role as a Legislative Liaison for your District, please contact the ACOA office at (907) 646-2262 or jacob@acoa.us. If you are friends with, or family with, a Legislator, even if you are not in their district, still give us a call. Thank you for your support.