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Legislative Update

As you all know, Correctional Officers have some extremely important irons in the fire right now. We have been in constant contact with the Governor, Commissioner, Legislators, and their respective staffs as we continue to deal with the issues before us.

I know you have not received much information and I also know everyone is very anxious how things are going, but you all have been great in letting us focus on our goals.

A special thanks to those that attended the Annual Meeting and then were able to help get the word out on our strategies for this Legislative session. If you were unable to attend the Annual Meeting, please talk to someone that attended or your Board member about our challenges and communication concerns.

I do not want to jinx anything, but I believe that when the current Legislative session is over, it will be considered to have been a positive one for Correctional Officers over all. The “real” end will come when the Governor signs the budget into law, usually a month or two after session ends. If you have any questions between now and then, please give us a call here at the office – (907) 646-2262.

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