Below is a letter concerning one of our own, Sergeant Steve Moffett. This request to Officers is not normal or easy, but for a man who has walked the toughest beat for 26 years, we will make an exception to etiquette and ask it anyway.


As Correctional Officers you deal with every type of situation imaginable, from keeping peace between violent offenders to donating leave to help an injured or ill officer and their family. Our strength comes from our unity and our knowledge that Officers always have one another’s backs, even when no one else does. The letter below was sent to us to send to all of you. Please take a moment and read it.

“Sergeant Stephen Moffett from Wildwood Correctional Center has been with the department 26 years. Steve is what we call a single digit midget. Meaning, he’s in the single digits in the state for seniority and……..he’s vertically challenged. Every day of his career, he’s shown up ready for duty and prepared to tackle whatever the day might bring. Every officer that has worked for Steve will tell you the same thing, “He’s a great supervisor and an even better friend.” Steve is dedicated to not only the job but his coworkers and his friends as well.

Well, life has a funny way of picking who it will smack around and Steve is getting a run for his money. Earlier this year he went into renal failure and had to begin daily dialysis. So I get to the purpose of this letter. Our colleague, boss, friend and brother is looking for a kidney. He is blood type “A” but right now, blood type is not that important. Virginia Mason in Seattle has what they call a “triangle” type program. Where a person with any blood type can donate their kidney, it will go to a person needing that blood type, someone else will do the same, and Steve will get the correct kidney he needs. He is on the transplant list but doctors have explained that it would be better if they could find a living donor. Kidneys from a living donor are healthier, and will last longer than kidneys from a deceased organ donor.

So this letter is different than others you’ve seen. A brother is not in need of leave or financial help, but a greater need. Some may say, “That’s a lot to ask for. Give up one of my organs?” Realize you’re not just lending a hand or marking 12 hours donated to so and so on a little slip. You’re helping save the life of a person who, if the shoe was on the other foot, wouldn’t hesitate to go under the knife to save even his worst enemy. For more info you can contact Jody at 907-252-8411 or the Virginia Mason Kidney Donor information line at 1-800-354-9527 Ext 11201. You can also email them at”

–        Michael Clauson
Wildwood Correctional Center

If you can help with a kidney, thank you, if not please tell others about the need. Thanks in advance for helping Steve.

–        ACOA