8’s Oral Arguments Update

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8’s Oral Arguments Update

On Tuesday, May 13, 2014 the Alaska Superior Court heard oral arguments on the State’s motion to overturn the Arbitrator’s decision on 8’s and ACOA’s counter motion to enforce. The hearing lasted for about 80 minutes, during which time the Judge, Mark Rindner, questioned both the State’s and ACOA’s attorneys.

It is very difficult to give any kind of opinion on ‘how it went’ because we don’t want to lead the membership in to thinking we are going to win, only to have the court rule against us. What we can say is that the State advocate was on the hot seat for about an hour, opposed to our attorney which was questioned for about 15 minutes. The Judge did request additional information from us which we are providing to him this week. The Judge did state that he would try to get a decision out quickly although there are decisions he could make that could extend the process.

We will update the website when we have more information.

May 15th, 2014|Fighting the Eights|