Please do not hesitate to apply for one of these positions if, after considering the compensation and other aspects of the position, you still want to apply. Whether or not moving to one of these positions will be a good financial move is still uncertain, but please do not pass up the opportunity thinking anyone will think poorly of you. The State is creating these positions and placing them in APEA for vindictive reasons, and although we are fighting this and will continue to fight the State and APEA on this, we sincerely want the best people to fill these newly created positions.

It is not about the “union” – The DOC figured it could take over 60 Sergeants and switch them to Lieutenants, moving them from ACOA to APEA’s Bargaining Unit. We feel that these new positions belong in the ACOA Bargaining Unit and have filed an Unfair Labor Practice against the State. Regardless, it is not about the “union” and having more members, but about the members we represent. Many unions are more concerned about the “union” then their own members. This Association was started by Correctional Officers that cared about Correctional Officers. If a member wants to promote, they should be afforded that opportunity and be supported by both ACOA and the membership.

Please support these Officers; it only makes sense – The DOC did not get many applicants and has reposted several Lieutenant positions. I heard that ACOA members who were considering the new Lieutenant positions did not apply out of concern that, for one reason or another, other members might not look favorably on them. That concern is not accurate. I have not heard from other Officers, or anyone else, who believes seeking a promotion is in any way wrong. I personally support Officers applying for these new positions and believe most of you do also. If the best Officers decide not to take the position for any reason, including worrying about how other Officers or ACOA feel, then it will hurt rather than help the membership as a whole. We believe we will prevail in stopping these unnecessary positions which will take yet more Officers off the floor, but should the DOC be able to keep these new positions, we want our best people in there managing the membership. We all need to work together to keep everybody safe.

Bottom Line – If you are interested in the new Lieutenant positions please apply. If you are not, encourage those that you think would do a good job to apply and then support them. It is the right thing to do and it is the logical thing to do.