American CO Intelligence Network

“The mission and purpose of American Correctional Officer is to promote the well being and safety of publicly employed Correctional Officers and corrections professionals; to improve the working conditions for all who work in public corrections”

 COintel Website

Goals of COIntel

  • Provide an informational network for our profession.
  • Promote a National Voice in Washington, DC.
  • Share winning strategies.
  • Draft model legislation for our members.
  • Stop prison privatization.
  • Establish a contract bank.
  • Educate our elected officials and the public about who Correctional Officers are and the jobs we do.
  • Address our universal concerns.
  • Support local initiatives and image enhancement.
  • Recognize and honor Correctional Officers for the outstanding service they provide.


 Membership Application

If you are interested in this organization please fill out the following application and send it into the address on the bottom of the application.  The automatic payroll deduction is currently not available in Alaska.

Membership Application