Military One Year Term Life Insurance


“Honoring ACOA’s Officers sent
overseas on military duty.”


$250,000 Term Life Insurance Policy
for Correctional Officers that serve in a combat zone

In collaboration with our insurance company, ACOA has reached an agreement to provide one year term life insurance policies to ACOA members who are recalled to active duty and sent abroad to serve in combat zones during this current crisis. The Association will bear the costs of a one year (may be renewed by the member) policy as a small token of the entire membership’s appreciation and support for the sacrifices and service these Officers and their families make for our country. While it is our fervent hope and prayer that every one of our members will return home safely at the conclusion of their tours, we hope this small gesture by their fellow Officers will give added peace of mind to each of those called upon to serve.

If you are called to serve, please call the ACOA office as soon as you find out you are being deployed. We cannot obtain a policy without certain actions on your part:

  • You must complete an application.
  • Your Signature on the application must be witnessed by the insurance agent.
  • You will be required to complete a brief medical exam paid for by the insurance company, which includes information such as height, weight, blood pressure, urinalysis, and blood test.
  • Phone interview with medical history questions.

If eligible, policy will be issued as applied for. However, if medical complications exist the policy may be rated. If participating in this offer, please notify the ACOA office right away, as it requires some paperwork and your signature.