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New Department of Corrections Commissioner

The Governor announced today that Commissioner Taylor is being replaced with interim Commissioner Walt Monegan. Below is the video of the Governor's statement. Additionally, the Administration release this Administrative Review of the Department. ACOA released the following [...]

84-Hour Leave Restriction Arbitration Decision

Officers, In November 2012, Director Brandenburg unilaterally instituted a new policy limiting Officers to 84 consecutive hours of leave. He did this without talking to ACOA, as required by the Contract. ACOA contested this policy [...]

Thanks – Randy McLellan Made Whole

Based on the texts and calls which Randy and I have received, the speed of light has nothing on the speed of information in Corrections. So, as many or most of you have already heard, [...]

ACOA on KTUU – Follow Up Story

Click here to view the article and newscast on KTUU   Autopsy on Dead Inmate Reveals Ulcers, Internal Bleeding Mallory Peebles Mallory Peebles, Crime and Law Enforcement, Natural Resources and Parks Reporter, Fill-in Anchor, [...]


The story begins 45 seconds into the broadcast. If the video doesn't work, follow this link to view it on - ---- KTUU also published the below story on their website. Decreased Staffing Causes [...]


ACOA is in the midst of arbitrating a record number of grievances. We just finished a three-day termination arbitration last week and will be averaging almost one arbitration every three weeks for the rest of [...]

New Lieutenant Positions

Please do not hesitate to apply for one of these positions if, after considering the compensation and other aspects of the position, you still want to apply. Whether or not moving to one of these [...]

ACOA Update – DOC has Officers OC’d

  This email was sent on January 28,2014.   Correctional Officers, By now most of you know that Management demoted ACOA President Randy McLellan, and then singled him and the members of his shift out to [...]

Health Plan Open Enrollment Nov 4-22

(November 4 - 22, 2013) Open Enrollment is the time for Officers to review your current health, life and/or optional benefit elections and the dependents covered under your health plan and make changes for the [...]